The 2024 IABSE Symposium held in Manchester

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The 2024 IABSE Symposium held in Manchester, at which Jeanette participated, served as a critical forum for industry professionals to confront the urgent challenges posed by the climate emergency. Engineers, architects, contractors, researchers, and other stakeholders converged to address the profound impact of construction on greenhouse gas emissions and global heating.

Throughout the symposium, participants engaged in robust discussions centred on key themes crucial to addressing the climate crisis. Designing for net zero emissions emerged as a primary focus, with delegates exploring innovative strategies to minimize carbon footprints in construction projects. Additionally, attention was directed towards the regeneration and adaptation of existing structures to enhance resilience in the face of extreme events exacerbated by climate change.

Efforts to reduce waste and enhance productivity were also highlighted, underscoring the importance of resource efficiency in mitigating environmental impacts. Delegates exchanged insights on smart structures, emphasizing the need for responsive and adaptive solutions to optimize sustainability in the built environment. Moreover, discussions centred on the intrinsic value of competence, professionalism, and ethics in guiding responsible decision-making within the industry.

By the symposium's conclusion, attendees departed with a deeper understanding of the multifaceted challenges posed by the climate emergency and a renewed commitment to driving meaningful change. Insights gleaned from international experts and collaborative exchanges equipped participants with actionable strategies to address environmental concerns in their respective fields.

The symposium's overarching theme, "Construction’s Role for a World in Emergency," resonated deeply with delegates, highlighting the collective imperative to prioritize sustainability in all aspects of the built environment. Armed with newfound knowledge and a shared sense of purpose, attendees departed with a heightened awareness of their role in shaping a more resilient and sustainable future.

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