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Bureau105 was founded to challenge the way things are done within our industry. We ask questions and approach things differently, and see the beauty in space and simplicity that allows people and communities to truly live and thrive.

In an urban environment, it isn’t just the spaces or the buildings; iIt is the things that lie between them. It is the billboards, the signage, and any other types of design that finds a home there. We design brands and spaces that compliment each other, that work together to benefit the communities around them.

It is about understanding how to get around the city safely, what works for the people who live there, and, in a world where we are bombarded with billboards and bright lights, it is about creating spaces that live and breathe. It is also about our homes and workplaces being extensions of our personal identities and cultural expressions, and so need to reflect our emotions to feel like we belong.

Spaces that are built for communities, not erected around them, and spaces that will see new generations, new ideas, new businesses flourish as a result of what has been designed.

Jeanette and Luis

"Jeanette and Luis are like the ying-yang and complement each others’ strengths. They believe in the power of daring to be different, expressing whatever it is that you have inside you; romanticism, weirdness, boldness, and the notion that you should let it all out and let it guide your work and style."


Jeanette Muñoz Abela is an architect and structural engineer, and co-founder of Bureau105. She designs spaces that make people happy and healthy, with a focus on sustainability and taking careful consideration of the impact the projects will have on their surroundings. Jeanette really doesn't just create spaces; she pours thought, care and physical energy into them.

She has a long-standing love for dancing, specifically salsa, along with classical music and a razor-sharp pencil that is ready for action.


Luis Muñoz Jean Baptiste is the co-founder of Bureau105 and works as a graphic designer, certified brand strategist, and certified cultural intelligence facilitator (Cultural Intelligence Centre UK). Luis works with brands and projects to redefine their visual identity, as well as their brand strategy and how they interact with the world around them. Luis's work is part of the permanent collection in the contemporary section at The Museun of Avant-garde in Switzerland.

Outside of the office, he splits his time between comic horror graphic novels, heavy rock and music by Danny Elfman, and his vast collection of paint brushes to create and experiment with.

The process - Bureau 105
Discover and uncover

Discover and uncover
We start by researching the project. This stage includes desk study along with design research, as well as meetings with the local councils and authorities to fully understand the scope of the project.


Conversation & participation
We get out into the community and engage with the people and businesses. This includes placemaking and workshops to get to know the people and communities that the project will impact.

Define and align

Define and align
We develop the mission, the vision, and how we will go about bringing the project to life.

Deliver and consider

Deliver and consider
The design of the project itself, which is determined by the project and the findings from the previous three stages.

Design that makes people happier and healthier in their own spaces.

105 Valley Road, Birkirkara
BKR 9011. Malta

Email: info@bureau105.studio
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