Not all superheroes wear capes.

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You may have noticed that we launched our podcast ‘The Human Agenda a few weeks ago. We will be posting our conversations with our superheroes on Fridays – just in time for you to take some time for the weekend to think on what action you will be able to act upon!

The podcast is for everyone – that is why we called it ‘human’ – complex principles of how sustainability and regeneration will help us achieve wellbeing in various aspects of our lives explained simply… business models, education, art, culture, water and waste, engineering, architecture, urban planning, graphic design, communities, equality…

We are responding to questions posed to us from family, friends, and clients… the desire to change their lifestyles in an attempt to start transforming our environment – home, work and leisure spaces – but not knowing where to start.

We are not claiming that we will change the world – we sure would like to – but by instilling the mentality that things – especially design – could cost the same if done well or badly; why would you choose to do it badly?

Our superheroes may not be wearing capes, but they are pioneers in what they are doing, and they are an inspiration to listen to… well, at least we think so… hope you do too!

We would love to hear from you, feedback, comments, and suggestions for information that you would like to have. We are in this together – let us think and talk about making the world a better place, and if you repeat it enough the universe has a way of making it happen.

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