Onusu Urban Vineyard

Client: Onusu Urban Vineyard

Creative Direction: Luis Muñoz

Design: Seda Ertuğrul Williams & Luis Muñoz

AI Creative Prompt Engineer: Luis Muñoz

Brand Strategy: Luis Muñoz

Discipline: Branding

The concept behind Onusu Urban Vineyard started started with the question how can a vineyard create a sustainable community and give back to that community beyond just the wine? The sustainability of the project is further fuelled by the aquaponic system of growing the produce to make the product. The cycle, in itself, is a creator of job opportunities and possibilities.

The vineyard focuses on offering value to the consumer through the product they are selling, inviting the community from within the building to educate them on the process of the wine and their green ideas, while building relationships and creating opportunities that benefit both the consumers and the vineyard.

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So, the balance between growing the grapevines using the aquaponics system and the importance of the community within this company, gave rise to ONUSU. In the Turkish language, ‘ONU’ means him, her, and it. This represents the community. ‘SU’ means water, representing the aquaponics system which is what makes this urban vineyard stand out from any other.

The repetitive line patterns through the brand identity stemmed from a curiosity to look beyond what the naked eye can see. Using an electronic microscope as a tool, several grapes were put under a microscope which resulted in abstracting and rationalising contours from what was seen.
Delving deeper under the skin of the grape itself is what made ONUSU come to life.
Onusu Urban Vineyard logo
Onusu Urban Vineyard Koi Fish
Onusu Urban Vineyard Wine Bottle
Onusu Urban Vineyard Grapes Pattern
Onusu Urban Vineyard Poster
Onusu Urban Vineyard Poster
Onusu Urban Vineyard street billboard
Onusu Urban Vineyard business card

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