Client: Private Property
Sector: Residential
Discipline: Interiors & Architecture

No.42 – A Kitchen Story

The kitchen is somewhat taken for granted as a space in our daily life. The kitchen is not merely a place to prepare food, but it is where intimate family stories unfold and are exchanged around the table. It is often possible to reflect on how human beings relate to their environment from the way they interact with the kitchen.

In this project, the kitchen is the ‘heart’, placed not only central to the floor plan but also being an essential link between spaces. The room itself is therefore also a transitional space not only of flow of human beings in the home but also through time, relating to the history of the building fabric. This is reflected in the juxtaposition of the old architecture of high ceilings and patterned Maltese tiles to the new, yet timeless, monochrome interventions.

The kitchen counter itself has been inverted such that it creates a ‘room within a room’, protecting those within the cooking area while still enabling communication with others on the other side of the kitchen.

The design features of this 19th-century townhouse were developed in conjunction with the client through a discovery process where the physical and mental well-being of the client was the driving force behind all design decisions.


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