No.42 – A Kitchen Story

Client: Rachel Scicluna

Discipline: Structures & Architecture

The kitchen is somewhat taken for granted as a space in our daily life. Is not merely a place to prepare food, but it is where family interactions unfold and stories are exchanged around the table. It is possible to reflect on how human beings relate to their environment from the way they interact within the kitchen.

The project encountered several intricate challenges that demanded innovative solutions. Firstly, the limited area of approximately 100m² imposed spatial constraints. The age of the home, dating back to the 1850s, posed historical preservation concerns. Moreover, persistent issues of dampness and high humidity required specialized attention. The existing house layout was compartmentalized, with isolated rooms lacking both natural light and functional flow. Furthermore, the limited space available for social gatherings and entertainment presented an additional complexity to be addressed.

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The impact of the project on the client was profound and highly positive. Through creative and innovative thinking, a compact post-war maisonette was transformed into the client’s dream home. The design seamlessly retained original architectural features while making them relevant to modern living, as well as respected the sensitivity of the original structure. The play of light and space, the thoughtful choice of materials, and a sustainable approach all contributed to creating a home that met the client’s physical and emotional needs.
The project’s outcome was a dynamic spatial plan that transitions seamlessly from private to semi-private to private spaces as one navigates the house. At its core lies the kitchen, serving as the heart of the home, with direct access to the internal yard. This connection smoothly extends into the study area, aligning perfectly with the client’s lifestyle.The challenge of humidity and rising damp were adeptly addressed, all while preserving the cherished heritage architectural elements that define the character of the space.
...When I first met Jeanette it was a perfect match. Besides being efficient, attentive to detail and a good listener, Jeanette was also a structural engineer. The marriage of engineering and design was ideal as together we were able to achieve structural alterations which morphed into my dream home.

My post-war ground floor maisonette is only 105m2, therefore, creativity was key. The creative and innovative thinking in both retaining the architectural features of my home while making it relevant to modern times and my lifestyle radiate throughout the whole design.

Rachael Scicluna - Urban Anthropologist

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