Shaping ECCE Strategic Plan 2023-2030

Client: European Council Of Civil Engineers

Cultural Intelligence Workshop: Luis Muñoz

Discovery + Strategy: Luis & Jeanette Muñoz

A Transformational Journey: Shaping the ECCE Strategic Plan 2023-2030.

This workshop starts as part of a process of brand strategy and cultural intelligence. The goal is to first get clarity on the future of the European Council Of Civil Engineers) and its members.

Being an international organisation, and as its members are representatives of European countries, it was important to know their views on issues based on context and culture. It was very curious to know that the word culture means something very different to each individual.

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As a result of these conversations and discoveries the process of laying the foundations of a design for the future creating principles and tools for people, managers and leaders to use to encourage success, was much easier to achieve.

The workshop started with some trepidation, but it soon transformed into a high energy workshop, with interesting ideas flowing between groups and ended on a high note that ECCE members want to have these workshops more regularly since they are catalyst for innovation and discussion in paving the future of the Council.

This brand strategy and cultural intelligence workshop was the first in a transformation programme for the months ahead in putting together the working strategy and action plans for ECCE for the next few years.
"ECCE is deeply grateful to both Luis and Jeanette Muñoz for guiding us through this transformative journey. Their commitment to inclusivity and diversity was evident throughout the workshops. They made certain that every single voice was heard, taking into account each participant's diverse cultural background, resulting in a seamless and rewarding experience for everyone involved."

ECCE Executive Board

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