Client: Antonio's Barber Shop
Sector: Retail
Discipline: Discovery Session
Video credits: Antonio's Barber Shop

Stop selling; start helping. How devoted fans helped Antonio's Barber Shop increase sales.

Bureau 105’s mission, as specified by the client, was to improve on the packaging of the bespoke grooming products. During the session, we discovered what differentiates Antonio’s Barber Shop from everyone else—how they serve their devoted fans with quality on a personal level. The brand aspires to attract the sophisticated, urban man who already feels comfortable about grooming. We have also discovered which were the most popular products that the fans were gravitating toward. This has given us a more thoughtful approach to what we wanted to achieve.

The outcome of the discovery session was that it was not the packaging that required changing, but rather the communication towards the effectiveness of the grooming products. Bureau 105’s strategy was in helping Antonio’s Barber Shop give a clear message in communicating this, through the use of video tutorials of how these products may benefit their clients, presenting the name of the product and explaining its use and application.

Understanding how Antonio’s barbershop engaged with their audience and what value this engagement was to add to the brand, helped define its positioning.

The advice from the discovery session was taken on board. Antonio’s Barber Shop created a series of online video tutorials showcasing a variety of products and how they may be applied. This led to an increase in the sale of products to both current and new clients by as much as 40%, bettering their positioning and brand value.

The tutorial videos had a better acceptance than the photos that were used previously as part of the social media campaign. Due to these videos, the number of visitors to the website also increased and as well as the interaction with customers through the Facebook network platform.

Customers now ask for the products by name, reducing staff enquiry times, and overall resulting in a more streamlined and efficient workflow at the barbershop.

"Every video tutorial was posted on all social media and we got more views than when we posted just an image - prior to posting the video tutorials we had clients calling to ask what product should they buy for a particular use or if we do have a product for a particular use.  This was consuming precious time for my receptionists and now the client knows what they are after and ask for the product by name - therefore, it is a win-win situation." 

Fleur Camilleri
Marketing Director of Antonio's Barber Shop.

Antonio's Barbershop Beard Product Full Tutorial Video

Antonio's Barbershop Beard Full Tutorial Video shows how to apply and use our products as if you are at the Barber from the comfort of your own home. Follow Antonio's ways and boost your confidence. #alwayslookinsharp

Posted by Antonio's Barber Shop on Monday, November 18, 2019
Antonio's Barber Shop Deluxe Pomade

Antonio's Barber Shop Deluxe Pomade Application Tutorial 💈 How to use and apply! The product can be found in-store and on our online shop #alwayslookinsharp #productstutorial #pomade #hair #beardmalta #barbershopmalta #antoniosbarbershopmalta #antoniosbarber

Posted by Antonio's Barber Shop on Saturday, March 7, 2020


Good morning Antonio.  I just saw the video and I would like to wholeheartedly tell you well done for the work you have put in increasing the level of the barbershop. For you, the client really comes first. Keep it up. I'll see you on Friday. Keep safe.

Hi Antonio, I just came for a haircut and I really felt comfortable in your barbershop without any fear whatsoever.  Cleanliness and service are top-notch. Keep it up.


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