Għadira Summer House

Lead Engineer: Jeanette Muñoz Abela

Lead Architects: Studjurban

Visuals: Maccarone Visual Office

Discipline: Structural Engineering

This project exemplifies design and engineering excellence in challenging circumstances. Its innovative structural approach ensures both independence and adaptability. The property, with its breathtaking bay views, sets a remarkable standard in architectural ingenuity. It stands as a testament to successful site management and environmental safeguards, making it a showcase of creativity and functionality.

Nestled in Mellieha with limited dimensions and surrounded by four-story neighbors, this private residence called for ingenious solutions. A brilliantly illuminated double-height space was introduced between habitable floors. This creative design expertly balanced function and aesthetics, compensating for the property’s inherent width constraints and elevating the living experience.

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The challenge lay in ensuring structural stability within the confined dimensions (3.4 m wide and 13 m deep). Innovative framing techniques, unusual for this property type, were employed to achieve independence from neighboring structures. Precise column placement and beam design optimized interior space while preserving the architectural concept. Slender columns in double-height spaces posed a further hurdle, and foundation considerations were vital due to proximity to the sea.

The innovative frame structure preserved architectural flexibility, allowing future modifications. Expert site management navigated confined spaces, and corrosion risks from nearby water were mitigated through thoughtful foundation planning. The result is a one-of-a-kind property offering stunning bay views framed within double-height spaces, fully meeting the client’s needs within size constraints.

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