Naxxar Penthouse

Lead Engineer: Jeanette Muñoz Abela

Lead Architects: Studjurban

Visuals: Maccarone Visual Office

Discipline: Structural Engineering

This residential project presents a captivating blend of contemporary design and Mediterranean aesthetics. Tasked with extending an existing residence, the vision prioritizes the integration of two lush levels of Mediterranean roof gardens.

This project makes the most of the existing building’s robust foundation. It embodies a commitment to sustainability, harnessing natural light, and incorporating eco-friendly features. The result is an architectural marvel that seamlessly marries the charm of the Mediterranean with contemporary luxury living.

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The primary challenge of this project was the limited residual strength of the existing structure to accommodate new additional floors. A complicating factor was the absence of drawings or comprehensive information about the original building. To overcome this, on-site non-destructive testing was conducted, providing critical data to back-calculate the building’s capacity accurately. This rigorous assessment allowed for the design of a solution that maximized the use of the existing structure while ensuring structural integrity.

The client received a comprehensive analysis, comparing structural efficiency, weight, construction time, and budget for both steel and reinforced concrete solutions. This informed decision-making and revealed the optimal combination of factors that rendered the project financially viable and structurally sound.

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105 Valley Road, Birkirkara
BKR 9011. Malta

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