Seda Ertuğrul Williams

Junior Graphic Designer, Artist

Seda Ertuğrul Williams is of Turkish and Maltese descent who from a young age was intrigued in creating and exploring new ways of communicating through a visual language. This curiosity led her to pursue a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fine Art from the MCAST Institute for the Creative Arts in 2018 and is currently reading for a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts at the University of Malta.

Seda’s contemporary artwork is a playful narrative of shadows, space, forms, and structures inspired by reflections of everyday life and translated into a visual language. Using materials such as concrete and metal, her art is three-dimensional and tactile, resonating with the importance of her intuitive creative process creating anticipation for an outcome known. This allows the viewer to discover their own aesthetic experience through their interaction with her work, shaping their own individual thoughts through her distinct visual language. Seda’s creativity and graphic manipulation has earned her the role of graphic designer where she worked with various known local brands such as KFC, Vella Falzon, BigMat, and Farsons. In 2020, she joined Bureau 105 where her fine artistry and knowledge in digital communication has made her a great addition to the design team.


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Let's talk about you

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