Client: Rite, Essential Oils
Sector: Retail
Discipline: Brand Identity, Naming, Discovery Session

Rite, Essential Oils

Essential oils come from various aromatic plants and trees such as flowers, seeds, roots, leaves, bark and peels. Crops are becoming more popularised and harvested on a large scale due to high demand. However, meeting the consumer's needs does not necessarily give them a 100% natural and organic product. Some companies are using genetic engineering methods to meet with high consumer demands. The result is overharvesting, causing severe environmental impacts.

A sustainable approach was the only option to consider; however, to come up with the right solution, no pun intended, research was particularly crucial within this project. We started by understanding what the consumer wants and needs are and the community of people making a change for the better. We gained knowledge on approaching it—keeping in mind the wellbeing of mother earth and its inhabitants. Rite's mission was to protect nature whilst also deliver the highest level of essential oil quality by producing oil organically through wild harvesting. That is why we helped them achieve that through brand identity and messaging.

The name Rite initially developed from the will to change. Change means 'an act or process through which something becomes different'. So, creating something different, better, the right way. Rite also mean journey and the journey to change is not always easy. The solution stemmed from these four vital principles; Pause and Reassess, Digest Change, Mindful Choices and Restore Nature. These steps served as a guide to Rite Essential Oils and what they stand for.

Rite seeks out to protect the native land and the plant/tree grown in their respective location. That is why sources are wild harvested from specific areas around the world maintained in their natural state and not cultivated. Making a tiny bottle with a pure concentration of essential oil requires many resources; that is why Rite only produces limited batches at a time. In between, it lets nature regenerate and heal. When there are sufficient plants, they take a percentage of it to extract the oils—leaving most of the resources untouched.


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