Client: Ministry for Gozo

Creative Direction: Jeanette Muñoz Abela

Lead Engineer: Jeanette Muñoz Abela

Junior Engineer: Nicholas Said

Lead Architects: Nidum

Discipline: Civil and Structural Engineering

The Gozo Museum is a transformative cultural endeavour in Victoria, Gozo. Its design underwent significant revisions after the discovery of a Roman or Punic-era quarry beneath the site. This revelation led to a reimagined vision that preserves and celebrates the ancient quarry while merging it with contemporary architectural elements. The project integrates a modernist building with a new “sundial” annex, fostering a dialogue between historical and modern design. It promises to become a unique cultural destination, harmonizing Gozo’s rich heritage with bold architectural innovation.

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The client’s needs were thoroughly understood, and complex concepts were translated into accessible language, facilitating a better grasp of on-site developments. Swift and effective issue resolution became a hallmark of the project, ensuring minimal disruptions. Rigorous and consistent monitoring of the construction process guaranteed that high-quality standards were upheld, resulting in a successful outcome.

The project involved sensitive structural interventions on a historic building, requiring meticulous craftsmanship to ensure preservation while meeting modern standards. Additionally, the presence of weak rock conditions at the quarry site added complexity, necessitating innovative engineering solutions for stability. In terms of design, the need for expansive open spans, including the introduction of concrete Vierendeel girders, pushed the boundaries of structural engineering. The project’s tight construction timeframes demanded rigorous project management of the construction phase to ensure timely completion.
I had the pleasure of collaborating with Perit Jeanette Muñoz Abela in her capacity as the lead structural engineering consultant on a various number of projects. Most notably, Jeanette was involved in the structural design of the construction and renovation of the Gozo Museum Project. Jeanette and her team were responsible for the various structural design packages throughout the concept and detailed design stages of the construction process and were also responsible for following up of contractor clarifications for the site phases of the projects. Bureau 105 have shown a professional attitude towards their work, with a friendly disposition.

Chrisotpher Micallef - Partner at NIDUM

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