Iglesia Cristianos en Malta

Client: Cristianos en Malta

Creative Direction: Luis Muñoz

Collaboration: Kristofer Aspen (video)

Discovery: Luis Muñoz

Discipline: Branding, Naming

Our friends at ‘Cristianos en Malta’ wanted their new brand identity to be all about bringing the Latin American community together – but how to begin shaping a brand for a young Christian fellowship group?

The whole concept was that they wanted to create a place to meet, for everyone to feel included and part of something; part of a family.

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We chose to incorporate a Bluebird into the design concept, a bird that lives in South America, but also migrates from one country to another. There is a synergy between this bird and the people of this community, people who come from every country but hold their similarities. There is a sense of togetherness, and this space allows those people to find their voice and their own meaning of family.

Through this design and branding project, we managed to bring people together, and for that, we could not be more proud.
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta logo
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta Children
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta business cards
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta tshirt
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta bag
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta tree of life
Iglesia Cristianos en Malta Billboard

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