Client: Rodì Bake House
Sector: Retail
Discipline: Brand identity, Naming, Architecture & Interiors

Rodì Bake House

Rodì was the brand that Bureau 105 forged for a husband-and-wife team with a passion for bakery. Since the clients were from Sicily, the design team was adamant to create a unconventional brand that emphasises what Sicily is truly about: its cuisine, its pastries and the culture related to them.

Research in the Sicilian culture, and particularly of the villages where our clients were from, led to Rodì Milici, a small commune where an annual event that was introduced in 1880 still brings colour and life to the village. This performance, called ‘The Carnival of the Months of the Year’, sees 12 actors representing each one of the months, entering the village on horseback and decked in flowers, ribbons and rich embroidery. The beauty of this pageant is that it reminds its inhabitants and visitors why each month is beautiful and unique in its own way, and why every month deserves to be celebrated.

With this in mind, our client was presented with a complete branding exercise that included a name for the bakery, colour schemes, font types and merchandise – all based around the concept of celebration.

While embracing the old-world element by the choice of typography, the brand still needed to appeal to a modern market, so copper and blue were taken on as the primary colours, bringing charm, beauty and a sense of relaxation to the name.

The colourful patterns of the costumes worn at the festival were also studied, which resulted in the geometric shapes that were then combined into a design that featured the bake house’s primary colours.

The ultimate result is a branding identity that has a strong background, but which is also immediately striking. Classic-yet-modern, the branding gives clients the comfort of a respectable brand that is grounded in history, while also promising them more modern values.


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