Client: Geek Hub
Sector: Retail
Discipline: Brand Identity
Award: Logolounge 11 Book

Geek Hub

When the Panama-based computer- and mobile-repairing company Geek Hub approached us to design their logo, we had to go to town on it. We are also big geeks when it comes to technology, so this logo was something that could truly represent us.

As the team set out to create the logo, we started by looking at the emotions those who would seek GeekHub’s services would feel. The most obvious was shock, as we never really assume or prepare for the rainy day when technology breaks down and fails us. That was the reason behind the googly ‘shocked’ eyes in the logo, which were then framed by a thick border that reminds us of glasses – the traditional symbol of geekiness.

GeekHub, however, also has another very important job: that of keeping its clients connected, be it to the web or to their network. The logo also showcases this, with four eyes connected like a hub, with each pupil looking at its neighbour to signify connection.

The accompanying advertisements, stationary, t-shirts and merchandise for GeekHub are also based on this idea. Using the psychedelic 60s as inspiration (the time when computers began filtering into people’s awareness), the material used to promote GeekHub sees models with funny-yet-worried expressions being reassured through one-liners that promise a quick and efficient service.


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